Owners Experience Raceday at Royal Windsor Racecourse
Owners Experience Raceday at Royal Windsor Racecourse
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Owners Facilities At Royal Windsor Racecourse

Royal Windsor Racecourse is committed to providing Owners & Trainers an enjoyable experience.  Whether a sole owner, syndicate or shared ownership we aim to make every owner's visit a happy and memorable experience. 

To help enhance all your raceday experience, we encourage owners to register through the PASS System by 19:00 the day before racing.  This helps us ensure adequate facilities and arrangements are in place on the day.  If you need any further assistance with PASS, you can contact their helpdesk on 01933 270333.

For any queries relating to your experience as an owner please call 01753 498400, or email ldaly@arcowners.co.uk

NEXT RACEDAY: Monday 20th May 2024

Going: Please click on Going at top of the event page which will be available from seven days before a raceday

Gates Open: 15:40

First Race: 17:06

Last Race: 20:40

Please note race times may vary pending race divisions or race time moves by the BHA.

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