Close up on a jockey on a horse, with a SkyBet branded saddle.
Close up on a jockey on a horse, with a SkyBet branded saddle.
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With sponsorship options at our venue in Windsor.


Sponsorship Opportunities In Windsor

With over 120,000 people visiting Royal Windsor Racecourse during race season, it offers an unmissable opportunity for your brand to be seen by clients. Not only being seen by these visitors but also with exposure to over 19 million viewers annually due to coverage on Sky Racing. Picture the positive effect of sponsoring with us, increasing awareness of your brand and raising your profile both locally and nationally. 

On course TV showing racing action at Windsor Racecourse.

Bespoke Packages

Our experienced team will work with you to create a bespoke
sponsorship package that can provide you with extensive advertising exposure, both leading up to and on the day of your sponsorship through varied media channels to both a local and national marketplace. Sponsorship can also offer a huge impact at your conference, product launch or hospitality event.

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