Jurassic Firework Night At Windsor Racecourse 6 November

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05 October 2021

Come with us back to the Stone Age as we rock your world with the Dinosaurs at centre stage for this year’s spectacular Jurassic Firework Night at Windsor Racecourse.

Enter our Jurassic world, which opens at 4pm, and be amazed at the lifelike walking, animatronic Raptor and Triceratops; they may be watching you as you dare to get close up to them or the hand-held operating ‘live’ baby dinosaurs. But beware, because the Tyrannosaurus Rex is also lurking nearby and he is always hungry!

If you’re lucky enough to make it through the wilderness and avoid the roaming monsters, make sure you head over to the fun fair for some thrilling rides suitable for youngsters and adults (the fair rides will be cash only). To keep you fed and toasty, check out our special choice of light bites, warm snacks, hot drinks and refreshments including bonfire-night favourites available from the concession stands and head over to the outdoor cinema for a special silent screening of Jurassic Park..

Then it’s time to get ready for the main attraction! At approximately 7.45pm the pyrotechnics team will light the touch paper and unleash the HUGE 15-minute firework fiesta featuring a dazzling display of rockets, Catherine wheels, fountains and more. To add some real drama to the display it will be set to a thundering soundtrack of blockbuster hits. And don’t worry, there will be an optional covered viewing area so, even if the British winter weather decides to be typically British, you can still enjoy the spectacle. 

After the display, you can stay on and continue to enjoy the rides, great food and entertainment but don’t forget to pay a visit to the dinosaur egg area to see if it has hatched after all the excitement. 

This is likely to be a very popular night so make sure you don’t miss out and book your tickets NOW.

NB: sparklers or any other type of lit firework are not allowed on site meaning that everyone will be able to enjoy the spectacular display in complete safety.

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