Royal Windsor Launches The Eco-Friendly Punters Pint


29 March 2019

Royal Windsor Racecourse is launching a brand new incentive to help protect our amazing planet, one cup at a time. Royal Windsor Racecourse’s aim is to raise awareness of the increasing environmental problems caused by plastic usage and inspire the public to join the movement to help #SaveThePenguins and protect our amazing planet.

The Eco-Friendly Punters Pint will launch with our Season Opener on Monday 8 April and will continue throughout all the 27 racing fixtures.

All beverages will now be served in the new branded recyclable Royal Windsor Racecourse cup. So, how does it work? The procedure is:

1.      Guests pay for their drink of choice at any Royal Windsor Racecourse bar with the additional £1 deposit for the first Eco-Friendly Punters Pint, which is refundable at any of the redemption points during operational hours.

2.      If a guest wishes to purchase a new drink, they will simply be served a fresh drink in a new Eco-Friendly Punters Pint cup.

3.      Guests will then have the choice to either keep their Eco-Friendly Punters Pint as a Royal Windsor Racecourse souvenir or return it to the ‘Eco-Friendly Punters Pint’ redemption point to receive your £1 deposit back. 

Royal Windsor Racecourse is extremely motivated to help reduce the plastic waste that ends up in our oceans each year. Will you join us? 

Royal Windsor Racecourse

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